What is Online Training and How Can It Benefit You?

Receive training anywhere and right at your fingertips.

1. Flexibility: train anywhere in the world, whenever you want. No matter where you are and what gym or setting you are training in, online training has you covered. I’ve worked with clients in various cities across the globe.

2. Affordability: Most of us trainers typically charge in the realm of $80-$120 per session. Online training is typically much more affordable and allows an individual who can’t afford in person training get started on an exercise program without barriers. Get in touch to find out what package makes sense for you.

3. Accountability. Your progress is always monitored by your trainer. I use a software called Trainerize, a few assessment forms, phone my clients and contact them through means they prefer to keep them in check. Workouts and stats are logged in my private databases and allow for me to make changes to the individual’s training plan as they progress (or even regress, especially if they injured themselves in other recreational activities).

4. Consistent and accurate monitoring: I mentioned in the previous point that the workouts are changed and adjusted to the individual’s progress but the workout plans to begin with are tailored right to fit the individual’s needs. If the client is looking to build muscle, lose fat, get faster at their sport, the program will be designed and updated to suit their needs while making use of the equipment they have available to them no matter where they are.

5. Access to the expert! Ask questions. You have your own personal trainer at your disposal. Make the most of them and use their health and fitness knowledge to your advantage. You might even need to make modifications to your lifestyle with their help. Allow them to help you SHATTER your goals.

Receive all the tools you need to make the progress you want. From software that delivers straight to your phone to meals and customized template.

Get in touch with Shaneh-Abbas, Myofiber Moderator & Owner. You can use our contact page to do so.

Shaneh-Abbas is a seasoned personal trainer who also works in the field as a Kinesiologist. He is a Registered Kinesiologist with the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario, a Certified Online Trainer and working through being certified with Precision Nutrition as a nutrition coach. He’s worked in 6 gyms, 7 clinics and 8 hospitals across the GTA.

He has helped numerous individuals lose weight, build muscle, bring up their strength numbers, treat their injuries and get better in their sport. He is constantly learning and finding ways to help people. With his background in biomechanics, physiology and clinical expertise, Shaneh-Abbas’ skill set allow him to optimize an individual’s health in the most creative ways possible.

Published by Shaneh-Abbas @ Myofiber

Registered Kinesiologist Personal Trainer Over 10 years of training experience in a variety of settings. Online trainer since 2017

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