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Eating Disorders, Weight Loss and Optimizing Health

Let’s talk about eating disorders today. There are common misconceptions that surround the terms ‘eating disorders’. This article will focus on breaking down a lot of the stigma associated with eating disorders, serve as a guide for the general population and providing practical advice on how to achieve one’s health and fitness goals with an…

PCOS – What is it and how can we train/eat for it?

You can also listen to this as a 6 min audio, click here As seen on one of our latest Instagram posts, PCOS affects women by causing missed or late periods, cysts in the ovaries and producing higher male hormones. Here we will go further in depth and cover some strategies for PCOS in preventing…

Osteoarthritis and Physical activity

This article will cover Osteoarthritis (OA). Most people don’t know what this is until they reach their older years. Some people may have a family member with OA. It’s very common and prevents individuals from exercising. We will cover the disease itself and some basic strategies to reduce the negative impacts from it. Osteoarthritis is…

Prehab – What Is It and How Can You Incorporate It

Surgery can be a big and scary experience for many people. Whether the operation is a major one or a minor one it nevertheless is daunting for many people. The feelings of fear can be attributed to the outcome of the procedure, the unknowingness of what may happen, and recovery. Although many factors are out…

Will Marijuana hurt your gains?

This article is meant to highlight the research on Marijuana smoking and exercise. Whether or not you use it is entirely up to you. I recommend sharing it with any friends that you know that may be involved in smoking the ‘herb’. Let’s dive in.

Exercising too much or too little? How to find the balance.

So where does one draw the line with an exercise routine? How can you tell if you should adjust your routine or you’re doing too much already? Some individuals still see progress doing the same thing day in and day out but should you? And are those people really doing the same thing day in…


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