Osteoarthritis and Physical activity

This article will cover Osteoarthritis (OA). Most people don’t know what this is until they reach their older years. Some people may have a family member with OA. It’s very common and prevents individuals from exercising. We will cover the disease itself and some basic strategies to reduce the negative impacts from it. Osteoarthritis isContinue reading “Osteoarthritis and Physical activity”

Prehab – What Is It and How Can You Incorporate It

Surgery can be a big and scary experience for many people. Whether the operation is a major one or a minor one it nevertheless is daunting for many people. The feelings of fear can be attributed to the outcome of the procedure, the unknowingness of what may happen, and recovery. Although many factors are outContinue reading “Prehab – What Is It and How Can You Incorporate It”

One Dumbbell? No Problem – An Array of Exercises You Can Perform NOW

Most people usually own a dumbbell that has a random weight to it. It’ll probably be from a random garage sale or from the 1980’s. Most people will use that dumbbell to do tons of curls (like I did when I first started out lifting weights) or as a doorstopper. This is mainly because mostContinue reading “One Dumbbell? No Problem – An Array of Exercises You Can Perform NOW”

Exercising too much or too little? How to find the balance.

So where does one draw the line with an exercise routine? How can you tell if you should adjust your routine or you’re doing too much already? Some individuals still see progress doing the same thing day in and day out but should you? And are those people really doing the same thing day inContinue reading “Exercising too much or too little? How to find the balance.”

The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Let’s talk mental health and exercise. In this article we will cover the benefits that exercise provides for one’s mental health. Having worked with individuals experiencing various mental health challenges and incorporating exercise, it only makes sense to discuss this with everyone else. Everyone knows the benefits of exercise such as an increased aerobic capacityContinue reading “The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise”

COVID-19 and at Home Workouts | What Works and What Doesn’t

So your gym has closed and now you have to socially isolate. What do you do? Do you spend on various gym equipment (dumbbells, resistance bands, benches etc), start doing suitcase exercises, endless curls with milk jugs or do you just give up? Well, if you are not planning on spending anything and are gettingContinue reading “COVID-19 and at Home Workouts | What Works and What Doesn’t”

28 Day Fitness Challenge Held in June 2020

For the month of June, we held a 28 day fitness challenge. At home workout routines were designed for participants. Happy to say that there were 17 participants. Here were the challenge details: -Complete 4 workouts a week -Complete 2 habits daily (these were custom based off the person’s goals) -Measurements done weekly Everyone paidContinue reading “28 Day Fitness Challenge Held in June 2020”

Essentials of Plyometrics and Improving Explosive Power

What are plyometrics and are they for you? You’ve probably heard the word once in the gym or probably seen people doing crazy jumps onto boxes that are 6 feet high. Or maybe you’ve wondered how some basketball players are able to increase their vertical jump so easily (lots of factors there). This article willContinue reading “Essentials of Plyometrics and Improving Explosive Power”

Bone Density Training for Men

Men suffering from low bone density. When does this even happen and why is it even important? Bone mineral density (BMD) goes down much more quickly in women than it does in men but there are a few factors involved. There is about a 10% fracture rate in men over the age of 35. It is alsoContinue reading “Bone Density Training for Men”