28 Day Fitness Challenge Held in June 2020

For the month of June, we held a 28 day fitness challenge. At home workout routines were designed for participants. Happy to say that there were 17 participants.

Here were the challenge details:

-Complete 4 workouts a week

-Complete 2 habits daily (these were custom based off the person’s goals)

-Measurements done weekly

Everyone paid a small fee and was refunded the full amount if they managed to do everything from week to week.

Everyone who participated had access to a WhatsApp group where they could ask questions, received a welcome package outlining all the details of the challenge plus some fitness tips and had the option of receiving recipes weekly.

The workouts were difficult for some and interviews will be posted over the next few days about these individuals’ experiences.

Some workouts included push-up variations, squat variants and lots of core work. The amount of time taken per workout ranged from 30-60 min, thus an average of 45 min. 

Participants in the challenge had goals ranging from fat loss to building muscle to gaining strength to just being healthy.

Adherence to the workouts can be tricky given some of the intensive schedules some of the participants had. Occupations of some of the participants included: an optician, salesman, financial advisor, family doctor (resident), telecommunications professional, real estate agent, film maker and many more. The point here being that this challenge was overtaken by a wide variety of professionals with busy lives and a significant number of them were able to complete the workouts, do the habits and complete measurements weekly.

As mentioned previously, I will be posting some interviews that I conducted with some of the participants and their experience with the challenge. So stay tuned!

For the month of July 2020 we have 2 challenges laid out:

1. 4 week challenge just like this one.

2. 6 week cash prize challenge which includes multiple tiers. The cash prize varies depending on the number of contestants per category (fat loss, muscle building and strength).

Intake for July’s challenges is beginning now, so apply by contacting me HERE

Published by Shaneh-Abbas @ Myofiber

Registered Kinesiologist Personal Trainer Over 10 years of training experience in a variety of settings. Online trainer since 2017

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