How Mustafa’s Legs Got More Muscular In the 4 Week Challenge

Below is a link to an audio interview (bottom of the article):

Shaneh-Abbas Jaffer and Mustafa (participant) discuss the 28 day challenge.

Mustafa wanted to gain a few pounds of muscle during the 4 week fitness challenge that was designed during June 2020. He also wanted to workout more regularly especially with COVID-19 restrictions acting as a barrier. All the workouts were done at home and required zero equipment. He also had access to a WhatsApp group that helped keep him motivated and allowed him to ask any questions he had. He had also learned how to take measurements and keep track of his progress. The muscle mass in his legs did increase according to his measurements. He is also an avid biker, so that could have contributed partly.

The challenge consists of bodyweight exercises that can be done at home. They are full body workouts that have varying intensities. Most participants rated the workouts an average of 4 to 8 out of 10.

Enrollment for the 4 week challenge happens at the end of each month for the next month. July’s challenge is filling up, enroll now.

Here is the link to the interview:

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