How Ali got stronger, leaner and improved his lifestyle using the 28 day fitness challenge

Below is a transcript from an interview with a successful participant within the 28 day fitness challenge we offered in June 2020. Ali’s full name was not used due to privacy reasons.

Shaneh: What was the fitness goal you wanted to work on going into this challenge?

Ali: I started working out a lot last year but COVID-19 put everything on a halt. I found this challenge and the group atmosphere helped to get back into everything and find the motivation again. I used to workout at Wynn Fitness but have not been able to go because of the lockdown.

Shaneh: Were you exercising in March, April and May?

Ali: No, I haven’t been.

Shaneh: What led you to the challenge?

Ali: I saw it advertised on social media, primarily Instagram and had a friend reach out to me about it.

Shaneh: Can you describe anything in the challenge the stood out and helped you towards the goal you were working on?

Ali: The measurements were helpful because when I was working out before, I was checking my weight once a week but it was not effective in telling me where my body was in terms of progress.

Shaneh: Anything in the entire experience of the challenge that you found valuable or unique?

Ali: I think the fact that these were full body workouts and did not require any equipment was quite unique. My body has been more sore from doing these workouts than what I’ve been doing at the gym. In the gym, I found I was more in control but with the challenge, I didn’t have a choice as to what exercises to do. I don’t do push-ups but you made me do them.

Shaneh: You mentioned before that you were having trouble doing push-ups before, how are they now?

Ali Good, I’m much better than I was originally. I was able to do 2 good ones and now I’m able to do 6-7 good ones and I haven’t been that consistent. I know it’s slow but I know if I stick with this, I will be able to increase my numbers.

Shaneh: Anything else you achieved while participating in this challenge?

Ali: Definitely saw noticeable improvements in my bodyweight and where that was coming from. When I slacked, I noticed the reverse. I got the best of both worlds and realized that I have to go all in.

Shaneh: You got stronger on the push-ups, any other exercises?

Ali: My legs got a lot stronger. My legs were always stronger than my upper body but I found towards the end of the challenge, I got way stronger. The bear crawls were also something I also became stronger on.

Shaneh: In 8 words or less, can you summarize the whole experience?

Ali: Motivating, challenging, annoying but worth it.

Shaneh: Lastly, if you were to recommend this type of challenge to any particular group or individual, who would that be?

Ali: I think someone who wants to get started but doesn’t know how. I found the videos super helpful. I always found myself refreshing my memory with the videos.

Hope you enjoyed this interview. It is one of many on the blog. If you would like a personalized approach to your training and nutrition, click here!

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