How Jawaad Kick-started His Workouts at Home With the 28 Day Fitness Challenge

Below is an interview transcript conducted with Jawaad (last name removed for privacy) over a Zoom call. It outlines his experience with the monthly Myofiber 28 day at home fitness challenge.

1. What was the fitness goal you wanted to work on going into this challenge?

Build strength, some muscle definition.

2. Can you tell me about what led you to participating in the challenge? 

I thought that the buy-in incentive would be enough to motivate me.

3. Can you describe anything in the challenge that helped you towards you goal?

The videos helped a lot in order to understand exactly how to do the exercises. Especially with things not mentioned, the videos were quite detailed. The windshield wipers are an example, they didn’t say to have your feet touch the ground but showed it. If your goal is to build strength, your legs and core will definitely benefit. I noticed that with these workouts. I thought that since they focused on the key muscle groups, it was definitely helpful with building strength.

4. Do you think that the workouts targeted areas you needed strength in?

I feel like my lower body is pretty good but could definitely be better. My core and back need help. You did mention that it is difficult to target the back with at home workouts.

Shaneh – well, upper back specifically. For the core, anytime we get the lower back and abs firing at the same time, we can help reduce low back dysfunction. The problem with low back issues is that one is favoured versus the other. That’s why planks are awesome since they are isometric and target both the abs and low back at the same time. I recommend looking into Stu McGill’s method

5. In terms of strength, where did you want to build strength?

I did want to focus more on core, back and shoulders.

6. Anything notable from your experience within the challenge? Anything that stuck out?

I was surprised at how difficult some of the exercises were. When you hear bodyweight you think it’s gonna be light work. Exercises like V-up roll ups, 1 and a quarter squats, 3D lunge and cossack squats were difficult to do.

7. Why’s that, you mentioned you had decent leg strength. Those are all leg exercises 😛

-It was a lot of time under tension. I felt I got a pretty good burn from those leg exercises.

8. You’ve been doing a lot of biking. Do you think these exercises helped with that?

I don’t think I’ve been doing enough to tell. Because I was biking a lot during the challenge, this probably contributed to the fatigue I was feeling in the workouts.

9. What did you achieve after participating in the challenge?

I think I gained a greater appreciation of the discipline required to get in even 3 or 4 workouts in.

10. A lot of people had issues with motivation, did you do anything special to help with that?

I found that when I got over the hump to start, it was all that I needed. Kinda like just jumping into a cold shower. You just do it. For me, I did set a time of day and ensure I got it done. Some of the workouts did become longer than I expected but I did see the benefit.

11. Did you see any physical changes?

I did feel stronger after. 

12. Any particular exercises?

All the leg ones.

13. In 8 words or less how would you summarize the experience as a whole?

Better luck next time

14. Would you recommend the business to others? If so, who?

Anyone who is unable to workout at a gym and just wants to get started with workouts at home. You probably won’t get swole but it will help with being more active.

If you’d like to sign up for the challenge, intake is done at the beginning of each month. For September’s challenge, enrolment ends Sept 6th! 

Challenges are done for the time being but personalized online coaching (exercise and nutrition) is still available. Spots are limited. Contact us here.

Published by Shaneh-Abbas @ Myofiber

Registered Kinesiologist Personal Trainer Over 10 years of training experience in a variety of settings. Online trainer since 2017

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