How Komail Shred Body Fat, Gained Muscle and Optimized His Life After Shoulder Surgery

Komail (last name removed for privacy) came to Myofiber Canada to shed some body fat and strengthen his shoulder post-op labrum repair. He’d been to countless professionals and was looking for the next best way to return to the life he had before.

I sent him a few questions over email to answer after working with me and the interview runs through the coaching program offered through Myofiber Canada. Here are his responses:

Shaneh: What was the fitness goal you wanted to work on? 

Komail: I wanted to lose fat while gain muscle to strengthen my shoulder after surgery and achieve overall good health.


Shaneh: What led you to choose Myofiber over the other options? 

Komail: I know Shaneh Abbas personally as we grew up together and seeing how knowledgeable he was in anatomy and physiology of the body along with his passion for nutrition, it was a clear choice that he was the best option due to being an all rounder.


Shaneh: Can you describe what was done to help you solve your goal(s)? 

Komail: Personally customized plans were created from a detailed questionnaire I had to fill out. We met in person many times for guidance on how to perform each exercise along with being available through many platforms such as email and WhatsApp to answer any questions I had pretty much 24/7.


Shaneh: How was our solution unique?

Komail: Shaneh Abbas catered to the individual regardless of age, gender, and fitness level and it felt really personal as he would take out the time to get a good overall picture of what I expected and his workout plans reflected all the hard work he put in to give exercises which were the best for each muscle group based on the latest evidence based science.  


Shaneh: Anything notable from your experience? 

Komail: Shaneh Abbas was very patient throughout the process with him being more of a support throughout the process and encouraging me to go to the gym while checking up on me frequently to make sure I was doing well. I was in control of my workouts with plans being customized to my liking and anything that I wasn’t comfortable with was changed immediately by him. Shaneh introduced an online platform for workout plans which made it convenient to track my progress which he could see as well which made the whole process of communication a lot better.


Shaneh: What did you achieve after working with Myofiber Canada? 

Komail: I achieved all my goals of fat loss, muscle gain, and shoulder rehabilitation through the plans provided to me. I felt better, faster, and stronger and as a student these gains helped me in school as I was able to better focus in class. I achieved a good work life balance as Shaneh recommended I make a schedule for the week and it really helped me be frequent in the gym but also helped other aspects of my personal life.


Shaneh: In 8 words or less how would you summarize the experience as a whole?

Komail: Fantastic, enjoyable, and Uplifting.


Shaneh: Would you recommend the business to others? If so, who?

Komail: Yes I would recommend the business to others. I have recommended Shaneh’s services to family, friends, and other gym goers who are in need of a reliable trainer.  

Komail was a fun client to work with and he is still a client to this day. He is determined to achieve new goals with us. If you’re looking for a custom approach to your health, contact us right away.

Published by Shaneh-Abbas @ Myofiber

Registered Kinesiologist Personal Trainer Over 10 years of training experience in a variety of settings. Online trainer since 2017

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